Planning Your Next Step

Planning for your next quarter can be difficult if you neglect it for too long. Planning for your next quarter can be tedious, especially if you work full time while also going to school. I like to use smart goals for planning for my next quarter. It’s organized and in a simple format. It’s also something you can put together is a short amount of time and review quickly at anytime to make sure you are still on track or make an easy change to if needed.


My next quarter smart goals are:

  • Specific: Turn in all assignment on time or early, work ahead whenever possible.
  • Measurable: I can easily measure if I am on track or not and make corrections to my schedule as needed.
  • Attainable: Very attainable as long as I stay disciplined.
  • Relevant: This directly affects my grades and my stress level. Keeping my stress levels low while working and going to school is very relevant to my personal health and success.
  • Time Based: It’s quarterly and reusable.

I look at my school work like I look at my house. If I neglect my house it’s easy to get behind on laundry, dishes, yard work, making repairs, keeping rooms clean. But if I make sure I spend a little time each day maintaining my house it never becomes a stressful chore, it’s simply a quick task I can maintain.

Homework works much the same way and house hold responsibilities. If I neglect my homework I get stressed out and usually become lethargic and unmotivated. If I chip away at it little by little each day though big projects are easily managed.

I could make more SMART goals but this is the one that is most relevant to me. You could make SMART goals for each class or just for a class you struggled with last quarter. Reviewing your previous quarter and identifying things that did and did not work for you is critical to your future success. Learn from your mistakes by acknowledging them and then do not make that mistake again.


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