What Goes Around Comes Around

The most recent experience I have with accommodation is between myself and a peer. My coworker’s mother-in-law passed away and he had to leave suddenly for over a week so he could fly with his wife to support her and be with their family. He was noticeably low-spirited compared to his normal self and since he was working opposite of the schedule most of regularly work I knew he was stressed about having to leave work too with the schedule of upcoming students. I told him not to worry about anything and volunteered to accommodate his schedule and all of his students while he was away. I worked out a schedule with my other peers so that my classes were covered and I could accommodate our mourning coworker.

What goes around comes around. About a month later my wife’s mother passed away and there were a several days over the course of month that I needed to take off so that I could be there for my wife and support the family. With school, work, and supporting the family I was under a HUGE amount of stress. Worrying about making sure someone was there to cover for me so that my students wouldn’t have to reschedule and I could take care of my family with the added stress of falling behind at work was just another item on my list of things to work about. Thankfully, my coworker did the same for me and told me not to worry about it. He said he would take care of everything at work and to not worry about anything but taking care of my family. It’s a big relief to know that I have a team that is willing to sacrifice or disrupt their own agendas to help support the success of our team and students.


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