Supporting Student Goals for Success

I train new hires, transfers, rehires, job reclassification’s, and various different work groups how to complete mechanical assembly skills/ projects for Boeing.

There are a lot of different industry standard processes that are in place to be successful at Boeing and I always spend time with each person giving emphasis to the ones that apply specifically to being an assembly mechanic.

  • Safety; I always start with safety. Working safely and using the proper personal protective equipment is the foundation of what we do. In order for you to be successful you need to be safe. I emphasis that you should never be in a hurry, if you rush and make a mistake or hurt yourself you immediately worked against your original intent.
  • Engineering Drawings and Specifications; I show them how to navigate and print these.
  • Bill of Materials, I teach them to always go down their bill of materials one by one and check of that they have the parts and quantities they need before starting their job. This seems tedious up front but it prevents you from stopping and wasting time by having to leave your work area or stop and distract yourself to look for something on the back end
  • Installation Plan; I show simplify how easy the job is if they follow their installation plan closely. The installation plan has time management built right into it for their jobs.
  • Organization and Containment; I explain and then demonstrate how being organized and properly containing your parts, tools, and foreign object debris supports safety and time management.

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